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Superbling Princess Large Wine Glass

Superbling Princess Large Wine Glass


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The princess wine glass from Lolita's "Super Bling" collection

The glass is distinctively painted and embellished to reflect its title and also includes the trademark, unique recipe on the bottom of the stem.

Every "larger than life" wine glass holds a generous 22 ounces and is bedazzled with hundreds of rhinestones to make this the perfect "favorite glass".

Inside the coordinated and reusable display gift box is a special greeting card style message from Lolita herself.

A great gift for anyone, wine lover or not.

The oversized 22-oz bowl allows ample space for wine to breathe, allowing the full potential of your cabernet, shiraz, merlot, chardonnay, Riesling or zinfandel to unfold.

Don't like wine? Fill 'er up with your favorite juice or cocktail, even candy if you so choose.

The individuality of each glass's theme makes them suitable for whomever comes to mind when you see them.

The beautifully packaged, distinctively decorated, round and reusable gift box almost make this purchase two gifts in one.

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