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A Moonlit Dance - Jack and Sally Romance

A Moonlit Dance - Jack and Sally Romance


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Jack and Sally, the skeleton and rag-doll, fall in love in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Take their unique union off screen with this captivating carving by Jim Shore. Dance through the year and make everyday a day for romance with this passionate pair. Hand painted and hand sculpted from high quality cast stone, this romantic but equally nightmarish double figurine will make the perfect gift for any Disney fan for wedding, vanentines or anniversary, or just something extra special they can add to their collection.

Approx. Dimensions: Height 23cm, Depth 8cm

Disney Traditions Figurines

Disney Traditions combines the magic of Disney with the artistry of Jim Shore. Whether it is the spark of romance, magic spells or gallant chivalry, Jim Shore brings the beauty and universal appeal of Disney characters into a unique blend of enchantment and Americana folk art.

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