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True Love's Kiss - Maleficent Diorama Headdress

True Love's Kiss - Maleficent Diorama Headdress


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This Maleficent headress Diorama figurine is simply stunning. Standing at an impressive 28.0cm tall and framed within Maleficent's horned silhouette, an illustrious Sleeping Beauty scene unfolds. Prince Phillip arrives at Aurora's bedside with fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, to break the curse before the kingdom falls in this Jim Shore creation. A 3D bar relief sculpt of Maleficent as a dragon in the background adds that extra detail making this figurine something very special for any collection. Hand painted and hand sculpted high quality cast stone. Packaged in a branded giftbox.

Approx. Dimensions: Height 26cm, Width 18cm, Depth 20.5cm

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Disney Traditions combines the magic of Disney with the artistry of Jim Shore. Whether it is the spark of romance, magic spells or gallant chivalry, Jim Shore brings the beauty and universal appeal of Disney characters into a unique blend of enchantment and Americana folk art.

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