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Love is Real

Love is Real


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Heart-shaped keepsake symbolizes the bond of friendship and family through meaningful sentiment and vibrant design. Great gifts for celebrating milestone moments or just because. A gift-ready sculpture with inspirational message for that special person in your life.

Comes with special packaging and ornamental key. The Art Heart is uniquely designed to either hang as a conventional ornament with a hanging cord or to stand. A beautiful, ornamental key is included, which serves as an easel when placed in the keyhole opening at the back of the sculpture, enabling it to stand.

Sentiment: "LOVE is REAL"
Material: Resin, Paper, Nylon, Metal.

Approx. Dimensions: 10cmH, 9cmW, 3cmD

Art Hearts by Demdaco

Art Hearts is a curated collection of heart sculptures that offers artistic ways to express love. Each heart features a colourful illustration from a popular artist in the gift industry.
Each artist’s one-of-a-kind style expresses sentiments of love, friendship, celebration, and thoughtfulness. Featuring a range of art styles, patterns and designs from modern, vibrant themes to beautiful folksy botanical motifs, these are perfect for any gift-giving occasion, age or gender.
Each Art Heart carries the artist’s name and comes with specially designed packaging to create a gift that will be cherished.
Art Hearts can be hung by the ribbon with tassel as an ornament or can be displayed using the unique key inserted in the keyhole on the back as the stand. 

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