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A Surprise Smootch (Snoopy & Lucy playing Hockey)

A Surprise Smootch (Snoopy & Lucy playing Hockey)


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"A Surprise Smooch" Figurine. This cute and festive piece from the Peanuts collection by Jim Shore features Snoopy and Lucy playing ice hockey. Designed with Jim's iconic colour schemes, traditinal patterns and quilting themes, it has been hand-crafted by skilled artisans before being hand-painted to capture all manner of details. Made using high quality cast stone, this is a piece that will evoke memories of childhood and feelings of Christmas nostalgia. Packaging: Full colour branded gift box.

Approx. Dimensions: cmH, cmW, cmD

Peanuts by Jim Shore


For over seventy years, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Charles Schulz’s beloved characters continue to resonate with fans around the world.

Jim Shore’s collectible figurines celebrate nostalgic Peanuts moments as memorable gifts.

Both nostalgic and traditional, Peanuts is 'affordable art' that reflects quality craftsmanship and detail.

Even though seasonal themes are a strong component of the Brand, Peanuts by Jim Shore is presented in collections based on most popular and highly promoted gift giving occasions such as Birthday, Valentines and Mother’s Day.

Jim Shore Mission Statement, 'Provide distinctive, artisan giftware that creates meaningful connections between friends and family. Visually share stories, express tradition and celebrate life’s special moments through hand-crafted works of art to be shared for generations to come.'


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