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Peter and the Mermaids: Spinning a Spellbinding Story

Peter and the Mermaids: Spinning a Spellbinding Story


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WDCC Walt Disney Classics Collection.
Edition: 2007
Height: 28.3cm
From: Peter Pan, 1953

Of Dreams & Magic Series
When not splashing in Mermaid Lagoon, there's nothing Never Land's bevy of beautiful mermaids like more than to listen to Peter Pan boasting about his exciting escapades. Just as Peter enjoys hearing stories about himself, the boy who won't grow up also loves spinning them, especially to an adoring audience of fanciful female followers. As this magnificent sculpture illustrates, the clever boy revels in beguiling these enchanting sea maidens with tales of his derringdo - until, of course, Captain Hook and Smee cross their paths, interrupting the tale.

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